Investment Opportunities

We have investment and development opportunities for equity investors ranging from $500,000 to $2,500,000.  If you have an interest in participating in any of our speculative investments, development or re-development concepts, we would like to talk to you.
Our Current International Opportunities Include:
The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico – both in the city of Merida, and along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean as far south as the border with Belize.  Prices are on the rise, however they are still VERY ATTRACTIVE and opportunistic acquisitions are available in a variety of product types.
Why MEXICO?  With the current exedous of US citzens from America (Expats or Expatriates) the demand on housing in Merida and in the Yucatan Peninsula is increasing steadily year over year in double digit growth rates.  The Baby Boom has now exploded and with 10,000 US citizens turning 65 each day for the next 15 years, the desire to retire and make their fixed incomes go much further is fueling this increase in demand.  However we have CLEARLY IDENTIFIED an even bigger impact on housing in Merida and that is the number of Mexican nationals moving here ever day and leaving behind their high crime areas in pursuit of living in the SAFEST PLACE IN ALL OF MEXICO – Merida.
In Merida a Gringo can live in a cosmopolitan city of 1,250,000+ people in relative comfort for $1,000-$1,500 per month and have a maid and a gardner on staff.  The restaurants in this city are some of the finest in Mexico and represent food from around the planet.  The culture of this 500 year old city far exceeds that found in 90% of the cities that exist today.  The medical care is 1st world and WORLD CLASS with plenty of English speaking staff.  The weather is hot in the Summer and FABULOUS in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Contact us NOW for more info on Merida and why you should be living here part time or full time.
Our Current Domestic Opportunities Include:
Southeast US – DISTRESSED assets still exist in both the residential and commercial asset types.  These opportunities are growing fewer by the month, however there are still bank REO and foreclosure opportunities available and development is begining again.  So this will not last too much longer and we will be on the other side of the real estate cycle.
The Legal Stuff:  Please be advised that we cannot predict the future and are not offering anything that would not be allowed by law wherever you may be reading this.  Please consult third party advisors prior to investing in ANYTHING.  We are not here to help you lose your money, that is not our intention, but not every investments works out as anticipated (sometimes better, sometimes worse).  We can make available certain asset backed real estate investments alternatives to what you may be currently considering.  However if you want the security and predictibility of a CD (Certificate of Deposit), the liquiditiy of a CD and the commensurate return of a CD then you need to see your local bank because investing in real estate and real estate ventures is not as safe or as predictable as buying a CD.  Any investment offering should be considered as an offering for a position in the the fee interest in real property and not any type of security.  Often we can structure your investment as a loan and pay a preferred return (“pref”) on your equity (sometimes a cumulative pref) or a pref enhanced with a percentage of participation in the project.  The possibilities are numerous regarding investment structure.


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