RECO LIMITED is a “boutique” real estate firm established in 1995 with a specific focus on acquisition, consulting and the development of investment and income producing real property.



Our Mission

It is the primary objective of this firm to identify market demands and match those with an appropriate supply of product.  We will add value to these real estate transactions and developments by providing our highly skilled professional services to bring together all components required by the project.


Company Profile


Domiciled out of Gulfport, Mississippi – our firm’s primary work is performed in FL and Yucatan, Mexico, however we also provide services in FIVE southeast states, other parts of Mexico, Honduras, Belize and the Bahamas as needed.


We have been building real estate based relationships since the mid ’80′s throughout our trade area and often rely upon these contacts and associates in our practice.


We specialize in identifying undervalued assets that may need a simple repositioning in the market to achieve the value add sought or a light to heavy rehabilitation or perhaps a complete development of a vacant parcel of land to achieve it’s maximum potential.  And we are actively pursuing these types of opportunities for our own account so we have a number of projects in the pipeline or on the horizon that we can offer to third parties to invest in independently or in conjunction with our efforts.


In this current day of outsourcing and strategic alliances, our firm is small in number by design, however we are able to assemble as large of a team of professionals, from diverse disciplines, for any size project.


Staff Profile


Chris Kibler is the President of the company.  A native of Gulfport, he has always maintained a permanent residence there, however also spends time in the Panhandle and Keys of FL and is a FL resident.  Having a diverse background in real estate, construction, small business ownership & management and aviation & maritime activity, coupled with having traveled extensively in coastal locations of the southeast US (including areas of the Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Turks & Caicos, USVI, BVI, Caymans and Jamaica), his knowledge and contact base is substantial.  When properly applied to a real estate practice you can expect an unusual level of competence in the field.  Educated at the University of Southern Mississippi and years of highly specialized real estate specific coursework, a firm educational foundation has been laid.


Below you will find additional personal information to give you a better picture into his world.


Personally holds/held the following licenses:
    Licensed Real Estate Broker in AL, FL, GA, LA, MS and CO
    Licensed Insurance Adjuster in TX
    USCG – 100 Ton Master (Near Coastal)
    FAA – Commercial Pilot, Single & Multi Engine Land Airplane, Instrument Rating



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